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About us

We are a community martial arts center running free and affordable martial arts training for the community in Tower Hamlets.

We provide free boxing, MMA and Muay Thai for youth 5 days per week, if you are interested please book on the online booking system. Our aims are to empower and educate youth to improve their opportunities and quality of life, to build a healthier and safer community in Tower Hamlets through providing the tools for better access to employment and reduced crime rates and to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the local community in the aftermath of Covid-19.

We work with recovering addicts, minority groups and local charities to provide free and affordable martial arts training for physical and mental betterment. We are in the process of opening up a dedicated space on Bancroft Road - any donations/help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Fitness and Wellbeing in Recovery

Our ‘Fitness in Recovery’ program was launched at the beginning of 2019. It allows recovering addicts to participate in a free exercise program involving yoga, kickboxing and fitness training.

Our program has been a massive success with numerous participants proclaiming how inclusive our club is and how much the integration of regular exercise into their lives has improved their recovery.

Free Youth Boxing/MMA

Sport Is Your Gang

Free Muay Thai for 12-16 year olds living in Tower Hamlets in conjunction with Sport is your gang.


We work with IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai) to provide Muay Thai training to young people. The idea of ‘Sport is our gang’ is to foster an environment where martial arts becomes an alternative to gang culture. Martial arts instil psychological discipline and morals which combat anti-social behaviour.


Amateur Boxing

LGBTQI+ Muay Thai/Boxing

We offer LGBTQI+/gender inclusive boxing classes. We think it is important for everyone to have a safe non-judgemental space to participate in martial arts and grow physically and mentally. 


Classes are run by LGBTQI+ coaches for LGBTQI+ participants. Our classes are in huge demand so we recommend to book in advance online

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Disability Inclusivity

We offer free boxing for all youth living in Tower Hamlets from ages 12-16 years old. We encourage all young people in the borough to get involved with the community; learning a new sport, building relationships and understanding the importance of excerise.


Classes run Monday-Friday at 5-6pm. In order to secure a place click here to book. Classes are open to all levels of boxing experience.


Local Events

Our amateur boxing club allows people from a diverse background to all work together as part of a shared interest, to keep fit, healthy and for some to become future champions.

First and foremost we are a competitive club, but secondly we are a space where people who do not want to compete in boxing but want to box are allowed to do so free of judgement. We allow young people from ages 12-16 in the borough to train for free as part of our community scheme getting them fit and giving them discipline in their life.



We provide a space where people who find it difficult to interact with the world around them (whether physically or mentally) have a safe and welcoming space to train. We are known in the community for our inclusivity, allowing disabled individuals to train side by side with champion fighters.

We are partnered with The Tower Project.

Our Interclub is a day where we organise technical, controlled competitions with all the other gyms across London so we can give our novice fighters ring experience and allow our more experienced ones to test their skills in a controlled environment. 


Our interclub is not just a gym wide event throughout London, it is a local event where people can pay a cheap ticket price and come and watch the fights all day. Food is provided through local businesses allowing further community outreach into Tower Hamlets.

As a gym we have collectively raised over £500,000 for cancer research as part of the UCWB boxing events. We run numerous events for white collar boxing, it is something we pride ourselves very highly in – raising money for cancer research and giving something back to the community allowing people of all backgrounds to get involved

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Our Projects


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