Meet The Team

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Bill Judd

Founder and Director

Bill is the owner and founder of KO (est 1976).

Bill believes in building a safer and more unified community through martial arts, over the last 40 years he has been involved in numerous community projects and is highly regarded in the local community.


Catherine Denby

Co-founder and Operations Director

Cat is a level 4 S&C coach, martial arts coach and the primary safeguarding officer for KOCA. She manages the day to day running of the business.

Cat coaches the LGBTQI+ martial arts classes and the FWR womens classes.


Lester Lombard

Finance Director

"My journey of giving back to the community started in South Africa in the early 2000s. Most South Africans are in poverty; to such an extent, youth cluster at traffic lights with their hands out, begging for money to buy glue.  The glue is used to inhale, which allows them to escape the hardships of reality and the cold winters.  


Over the decades, I have successfully developed and managed social impact programs to improve undeveloped value systems and other soft skills through the medium of Martial Arts.  My vision is to connect our projects in Africa with the UK, such as cultural exchange programmes."


Fayek Uddin

 Coach and Mentor

"I was born right here in the heart of the Eastend of London. Health was always paramount, but growing into an adult it was crucial for me to fast track my life and mindset once I became a single father at a young age.

Im here ready to teach everyone and anyone, how to build themselves and their lifestyle whilst always teaching my self that im my biggest student."

Fayek coaches Youth Boxing

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Aaron Bacon

Coach and Mentor

I have been at KO for three years and it has has changed my life massively. KO has provided me with focus and discipline something which I lacked before. I now understand the value of time and I invest it in ways which are beneficial to my life.

As a part of my role at KO I run a youth class 3 days a week in which youths in the local area can train for free. This project is very important to me as I am not too different from these young people. I aim to provide them with knowledge and guidance so they don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did at that age.




"I started training in martial arts when I was 13. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and was in a wheelchair and unable to walk. After a years of training I was able to walk with just a walking stick. I have trained around the world and have played for many sports teams"

AJ teaches the chair based HIIT classes for SEND particpants.


Bradley Heason

Coach and Mentor

I am the head Muay Thai coach at KO gym, a qualified boxing coach, personal trainer and a professional fighter with bouts here and abroad in Thailand.

With a deep understanding of Muay Thai and first hand experience of the changes it makes to ones life. I only wish I found it at a younger age. Which is why I’m so passionate about our youth programme. I have a firm belief all youths should partake in martial arts training in order form a healthy, strong-minded, and grounded future generation.


Billy Hesketh


In 2019 I came to KO to start training in boxing and learn discipline whilst in a treatment centre in London. I was welcomed with open arms without any judgement of my past and soon became part of the FWR Team, helping with planning and day to day runnings of the gym.

After about 6 months I began using my skills as a qualified Electrician/Builder and experience in the boxing industry building the boxing rings for professional events to help the gym become more up to date this has included bringing both boxing rings up to date with new canvases, rope covers and painting of the rings, New Walls for our MMA Area and lighting insides for outdoors.

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Rita Franz


When I joined KO I soon I realised KO is not just about sports and discipline but about community and family, which made me want to be a part of it even more. Being an event manager I am using my organisational skills for different things such as organising the merchandise products, admin work and coordinating the timetable on the website.


Although all of them are very important tasks the most I enjoy is being behind the reception where I get the chance to meet our members have a chat with them and learn about their lives, their wellbeing, their goals but also about their struggles and find out how KO can help them as a commmunity and family.