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Fitness and Wellbeing in Recovery

Our ‘Fitness in Recovery’ program was launched at the beginning of 2019. It allows recovering addicts to participate in a free exercise program involving yoga, kickboxing and fitness training.
Our program has been a massive success with numerous participants proclaiming how inclusive our club is and how much the integration of regular exercise into their lives has improved their recovery.

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Fitness and Wellbeing in Recovery: What We Do

Stories from the program

*Please note some content could be triggering


Billy's Story

Billy’s story is inspiring and emotional – it is a story of someone who refuses to give up. His addiction problems started at 11 years old, smoking marijuana regularly, which progressed into a 3-gram a day cocaine habit by the time he was 17 years old. He tells me he was a functioning addict for around 10 years; stealing from his friends and family to feed his addiction.

 He admits this was something he is not proud of; it led to his father disowning him at 27 years old and him being left without a home. Living in shelters, caravans and sleeping rough he made the life altering decision to go to rehab. A rocky path of relapse and readmission followed with him telling me he relapsed for the final time at the beginning of lockdown. With an abundance of free time, a lack of support from his usual meetings and a dealer living outside his house things were reaching breaking point.

 Stopping his program, becoming homeless and attempting suicide – ‘addiction sends you to a dark place’ – he came back to London. Going straight back into the program, with new determination to face his demons Billy tells me he has been clean for nearly 3 months.

 Billy explains that structure, discipline and honesty are key in the path to getting clean. Being honest with yourself and those around you; being thankful for what you have and having faith are crucial. He attends regular meetings and chairs meetings himself helping others on their path to recovery.

K.O. Gym has become a safe place for Billy – the facilities are free for him to use whenever he needs – the program gives him structure but the gym is a space where he can come whenever he needs a place free of judgement where he can train.

Fitness and Wellbeing in Recovery: Testimonials
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